Tips To Help Budget-Conscious Seniors Stay Connected

Tips To Help Budget-Conscious Seniors Stay Connected

If you are like millions of other seniors, you live on a fixed income. As a result, you probably try to stretch your budget as far as possible. However, this doesn't mean you need to forgo tech gear that allows you to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. You could use the equipment you already have, upgrade it, or go with something completely new. Whichever route you choose, this guide (presented by 207 Prime Properties) can help you find the right tech to keep you connected at a price you can afford.

Use What You Have

It isn't always necessary to buy brand new gear to stay in touch. By downloading a few apps or adding accessories to your current setup, you can access convenient video features that help cut through isolation. Consider these ideas to get you started:

Download a video chat app like FaceTime to your cellphone or tablet
Use a headset and webcam with your current desktop for Zoom-style video meetings
Use Facebook and other social media sites to stay updated on what everyone is doing

Invest a Tablet or Laptop

Cellphones are great because they are so portable, but their smaller screen sizes can be difficult for vision-impaired individuals to use. This is where tablets shine. While their screens are generally larger than those on a phone, they are still lightweight and portable. They also offer intuitive operations like those found with most cellular devices. In-Touch Tablets provides options specifically designed with less tech-savvy individuals in mind. Laptops have come a long way in portability in recent years, but they are still bulkier than most tablets. However, if you plan to use the computer for other things, this might be a sound choice.

Unfortunately, new technology can get expensive. If you do need to upgrade your current equipment, look for specials. Many retailers offer cashback offers or a promo code that can help make new technology more affordable. You may also be able to save on internet costs by adding a tablet to your existing cellular data plan. This tends to be a very affordable option, and it can help offset the initial investment.

Only Buy What You Need

There is little point in investing in a new computer if you are only going to use it for video calls. In that case, a video device may be a better and more affordable purchase. The Facebook Portal has several models to choose from to keep you connected through video calls. Many smart home devices such as the Google Nest and Amazon Echo Show also provide a convenient way to communicate with family and friends through video chatting. Plus, they have the added convenience of providing valuable assistance with other devices. Both also have features that let family members "drop in" on you with a call without you having to answer.

Look for Complete Packages

It may be easy to assume that every house has access to high-speed internet, but that isn't the case. Many low-income seniors forgo this added expense. In these situations, all-in-one packages that include a device and data connection make staying connected affordable and straightforward. They are also a great idea if someone wants to give a special gift. The GrandPad consistently ranks among the most popular choices thanks mainly to its dedicated support team and data plans.

There is a wide range of tech available to help you stay connected with the people you love without straining your budget. You may find that your cell phone is all you need once you download a few apps. Tablets, smart home devices, and computers can be harnessed to maintain social connections. With these options, you can afford what you need to stay in touch.

Guest Blog provided by: Mary Shannon | [email protected]

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