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As people get older, many are less inclined to move to a new home, preferring to enjoy the comfort of their familiar space. The evolving physical and mental needs that come with age require certain housing accommodations, though. For example, you will want a house that is appropriately accessible if you need a walker or cane in the future.

While such needs may seem far off, it’s smart to prepare for such possibilities. By setting up your home for aging in place now, you spare yourself time and effort in the future, which will allow you to enjoy your golden years.

207 Prime Properties believes everyone deserves a comfortable and safe home throughout life. With all this in mind, read on for tips to ensure your own humble abode fits the bill.

Aging in place where you are

As USA Today reports, aging in place has become increasingly popular over the past decade, with more seniors opting to stay in their original homes as they get older. This allows you to maintain local connections to friends, family, and neighbors in your community.

Seniors are finding a number of creative solutions to aging in place, and one that involves your current house is called home sharing. In this case, you can look for senior roommates to move in with you through platforms like Senior Homeshares or Silvernest. Having another person in the house provides valuable companionship as well as other benefits; you not only share space, but you can share home maintenance responsibilities, the associated expenses, and so forth.

Mobility can be an issue in later years as joints wear down and other health concerns take a toll. In order to make your house accessible, FineHomebuilding recommends a variety of renovations for senior-friendly living. For instance, widening doorways so they are at least 36 inches wide accommodates those using a walker or wheelchair. Raising the toilet seats in bathrooms is also a boon, since standing up gets tougher with age.

Added technology can help, too. There are smart home selections that are beneficial, like for turning lights on and off, changing the thermostat, and doorbells with live video feed. Seniors can also participate in telehealth visits when they aren’t able to drive to the doctor, and there are medication reminders and fall detection devices. Of course, a powerful and steady internet connection is a must-have in order for all this gadgetry to work, but these days even rural communities have access.

Downsizing to a smaller house

If your current house is very large, you may consider downsizing to a smaller property. This minimizes day-to-day upkeep tasks like mopping and vacuuming. A smaller yard also means less work raking leaves, shoveling snow, and weeding the garden.

When searching for a more compact home, opt for a single-story living space if possible. Climbing stairs gets more difficult with age and is best avoided, and many aim for low-maintenance options. This Old House points to upgrades like steel roofing and engineered siding to minimize home maintenance and repairs.

Location is another key concern, such as whether you want to be closer to family, near to your physician’s office, or on a public transportation route. Think through what’s important to you and what will keep you happy and healthy, and be sure to communicate those priorities to your real estate agent.

Gaining support through an assisted living facility

Lastly, don’t overlook an assisted living facility. This removes the burden of many household chores, like cooking and cleaning, from your shoulders. Some facilities also provide healthcare support for things such as medication management. What’s more, when you move into such a community, you have opportunities to make social contacts with others your age. Such a network can be extremely valuable because staying social is shown to stave off mental health problems like depression.

When deciding among your options, there are financial and practical considerations to take into account. Don’t discount the emotional component, though. Focus on what’s important to you, and find a solution that will keep you safe and sound. And remember, 207 Prime Properties can assist you with all your real estate needs!

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