Pack It Up: How To Smoothly Relocate Your Business

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Pack It Up: How To Smoothly Relocate Your Business

By, Christopher Haymon

Whether you've outgrown your space, found a better location, or just want a change of scenery, moving your business requires a great deal of time and effort. However, when done correctly, relocating your business can be a smooth process that results in minimal disruption to your operations.

Keep Your Employees in the Know

As a good business owner, tell your employees the news of your relocation sooner rather than later. Anticipate turnover in the event you're unable to relocate all employees, and set up processes and workflows ahead of time for current workers tasked with training new ones. Finally, inform your employees of any immediate changes that may happen as a result of the relocation, which may include increased responsibilities and extended or shortened operational hours.

Make a Schedule

Much like a residential move, a commercial move typically requires months of preparation. There are many steps you need to take for the transition to be a success, including taking inventory of your supplies and furnishings, informing suppliers and vendors, signing leasing paperwork, and hiring new staff, if necessary.

If feasible, consider temporarily maintaining both business locations while you transition. This makes the move trickier but also helps to ensure you migrate your business without a lapse in cash flow or productivity. Keep in mind that managing two locations at once requires additional inventory, supplies, and employees.

Update Your Online Presence

Social media is likely the fastest way to distribute information to your customers. Generate interest by teasing an upcoming announcement, and continually update customers on the status of the move and what to expect. Also, update your website and search engine results with your new location. Keep all this information displayed prominently, so old and new customers know where to find you.

In addition to your social media pages and website, update your business cards. You can use business card design apps that utilize pre-made templates, allowing you to customize the logo, add colors and images, and choose your own font.

Hire Movers

Moving your business is one thing you don't want to DIY. Hiring professional movers saves you time and money and gives you the peace of mind that your business's belongings are safe and secure during their transition. Use sites such as Angi's to find movers in Ogunquit, and inquire about their rates for a commercial move. Reputable moving companies always do an in-person assessment before providing a quote.

Don't Forget To Celebrate

Saying goodbye is never easy, so give your employees and customers the chance to send you off right. Host a party or gathering for your employees to celebrate, and consider offering a special sale or discount to customers to mark the occasion. Likewise, hold a grand opening at your new location to stir excitement about your business.

New Location, New Opportunities

Relocating your business is a major step that can lead to new opportunities in your entrepreneurial journey. Get it right by keeping your team informed, hiring reputable movers, and taking time to celebrate your achievements. When you're ready to enter the housing market to relocate your family and business to Ogunquit, visit 207 Prime.

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