How To Pack Fragile Household Items For Your Move

How to Pack Fragile Household Items for Your Move

By, Madison Hoffman

Moving to a new house can be daunting task. It requires a lot of effort, and the whole process may seem overwhelming, especially when considering packing fragile and high-value items. Whether you're moving yourself or using professional movers, you need to be aware of how to pack your fragile household items safely to avoid any damage during the moving process. If you don’t take basic precautions, you are more likely to see these important items damaged. Luckily, with these tips for packing delicate household items, you can ensure that everything arrives to your new house in one piece.

Make a Plan

Your household items are precious, and packing them up safely for a move is a lot of work. It's essential to take your time and handle each piece with care, especially your fragile items. Start by getting the right packing materials, such as bubble wrap, packing tape, and sturdy boxes. Don’t skimp on any materials.

When packing your fragile household items, start by organizing them by items and packing them in separate boxes. This helps to reduce the chances of breakage during transit. When packing art pieces, wrap them in bubble wrap and cardboard so that they remain intact. Tape the cardboard edges securely and label the box as fragile There are plenty of bubble and foam packaging products that can ensure that your fragile items are 100 percent protected, all the time.  When taping the boxes, go ahead and secure the bottom of the box with a couple of extra strips of tape. This will ensure that the box doesn’t open on its own during transport.

Consider Your Transportation Method

It’s essential to consider the transportation method when moving fragile household items. If you’re using professional movers, ensure that you inform them about the fragile items so that they can take special care and precautions when packing and loading them into the truck.

If you’re doing it yourself, ensure that you understand how to load items, especially those that are fragile, such as art pieces, dishware/fine China, and electronics. If you’re doing a long-distance move, it would be wise to periodically check your boxes and items to ensure that they haven’t shifted. DIYers who are using their own car should pack the most fragile items in the trunk and ensure that boxes are snuggly packed in, so that they don’t shift.

Pack With Extra Care

Dishware/fine China need to be packed with extra care since they are more likely to break during transit due to their brittle nature. Begin by wrapping every piece in bubble wrap, then placing them in the box. Fill up any remaining space with packing paper and maybe even more bubble wrap to avoid movement inside the box. Ensure that the dishware/fine China is labeled as fragile and kept on top of other boxes. If there’s a lot of extra space to fill, you can throw in blankets, clothes and other soft items to protect your fragile objects even more.

When packing TV's or other electronic devices, use the original boxes that came with them. If the original boxes are unavailable or they are heavily-used and/or damaged, wrap them in bubble wrap and then in a moving blanket if you have one. Boxes for large screen TV’s come in handy when trying to move your large television as the TV will fit in snuggly. Remember, you can’t just chuck your TV into the moving truck without first protecting it. Instead, pack them in the boxes with packing paper to make sure that there is no room for movement during transportation. When you use the right sized box and bubble packaging, you can protect your TV and other fragile electronics to the fullest.

Consider the Weight

One often overlooked factor to keep in mind is the weight of each box. While it may be tempting to cram as much as you can into each box in order to save money on packaging materials, not to mention cut down on the number of trips to and from the moving truck, this can actually be a mistake.  While there is no set limit, think about how much you can realistically lift, safely.

If you have fragile items in a box but still have extra space, this is a perfect time to throw in some lighter items such as clothes are pillows. This will ensure that the box isn’t too heavy, and you won’t waste valuable packing space. Packing fragile items into an overly heavy box can make it difficult to carry, increasing the risk that you or someone else will drop the box and damage your precious belongings. Additionally, carrying these heavy boxes repeatedly can put a significant strain on your back, potentially causing injury.

Get The Right Boxes

Shipping fragile household items can be a delicate and nerve-racking task, especially if you don’t have the right boxes to do the job. From dishes to antique vases, the possibility of breakage on the way to its destination is a real concern. It's important to not take any shortcuts to ensure your items reach their destination safely. One way to prevent breakage is by using specialty boxes when shipping fragile items. These boxes are specifically designed to prevent damage by using materials that offer a lot of cushioning and protection against impact.

Specialty boxes come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate a range of items, from delicate stemware to fragile electronics, and they are an essential tool for ensuring successful delivery. Don't leave the safety of your cherished possessions to chance - invest in specialty boxes and enjoy peace of mind. There are plenty of boxes for unique household items to choose from such as dish pack boxes, artwork/mirror boxes, picture frame boxes and even drawer letter size bankers boxes.

Use An Extra Layer of Protection

Moving and packing can be a huge pain, but using corrugated pads can make the process a lot smoother. These layering pads provide more for your fragile items, and they are easy to use. Simply place the pad between your items and the box, and you'll have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe. Corrugated pads also come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your items. Don't let the stress of packing and moving get the best of you - try using corrugated pads and make your next move a breeze.

Packing delicate household items for a move requires a little more extra care. Moving professionals can help ease this process, but if you are performing a move yourself, you must make your own plan and use all the right materials at your disposal. When considering the transportation of these items, always ensure that you use the appropriate boxes and wrapping materials to keep them secure during the move. With the right materials, techniques, and careful attention, you'll be able to avoid the frustration of arriving at your new home only to discover that precious items were damaged in the process.


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