Cleaning Tips for Those Who are Short On Time

Cleaning Tips for Those Who are Short On Time

By, Stephanie Haywood

Want a clean, comfortable home, but running short on time? Join the club! Housekeeping can be time-consuming stuff, and between all your other responsibilities, it can feel almost impossible. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all!

Luckily for you, there are countless tips and tricks available to help you keep your sanctuary just the way you like it, without the time commitment. Read on for a few suggestions from 207 Prime Properties that will save you time keeping your home tidy.

Spray the Shower Down Daily

We all hate the look of soap scum, mold, and grime, and we hate cleaning it, too! This job can require some serious elbow grease, along with taking up a sizable chunk of your time. No wonder we all dread it so much! Thankfully, though, it doesn’t ever have to get that way again — all you need is a little determination and commitment.

How, you ask? Simple! When showers are completed for the day, simply rinse the shower/tub area, and follow with a daily shower spray cleaner. This magical stuff gets to work on would-be grossness while you spend your time doing more important things, and your shower stays sparkling — just the way you like it!

Use Brewing Time to Your Advantage

Waiting for your morning cup of Joe? Instead of scrolling through emails or wishing you were still in bed, put those precious minutes to use! There are plenty of tasks that can be accomplished in just a few minutes. Life on the Bay Bush recommends taking this time to unload the dishwasher or even toss out old food from the fridge, which will leave you ahead of schedule for the day and feeling great about it! When you’re done, your coffee will be waiting, and you’ll enjoy it that much more knowing you got a jump start on your day!

A Place for Everything

How many of us have been there: you’re late for work, rushing out the door, and can’t find your keys/bag/you name it? This causes stress and frustration at the beginning of the day, which is not a good vibe to start your day with! The good news is that this is easily avoidable, and all it takes is a little planning.

Keep your keys, bag, phone, or whatever essential items you need in the same place all the time so you always know where to look for them. Not only will this save you time and help you start your days more relaxed, but it helps keep the house organized and looking better, too!

Do you have paperwork piled up on desks and countertops? Then consider scanning and organizing those documents digitally. You can even get software that allows you to compress a PDF online into easily searchable files to reduce the clutter. Plus, when you need those documents, you’ll know exactly where to find them!

Reboot Your Living Space

Don’t think that old couch has any life left in it? Think again! While you might feel like that has-been piece of furniture needs to go, there are ways to give it new life that will save you time and money, while also making your living space look great again. Drab central pieces of furniture lack the brightness that you want in your clean, organized home, taking away from all your hard work. This can be fixed, however: some pretty throw pillows or a cushy blanket (or both) can go a long way to brighten things up.

Still not feeling that older piece of furniture? Try calling in the experts and get your upholstery deep-cleaned. You’ll be amazed at how a little sprucing up can transform an old piece, so you can have your beautiful space back, better than ever. Plus, a deep clean will get rid of dust, mites, and many other unsavory things, so it can also contribute to your home’s air quality and your family’s health. Search online and compare reviews and rates from different providers in your area, but do find out their methods and what supplies and compounds they use — real pros will not use all-in-one solvents!

Cleaning doesn’t have to be as time-consuming as we think. With a few adjustments and a little preparation, you can have your beautifully tidy home and your precious time, too. If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your space in as little time as possible, try these ideas. You’ll be amazed at how well they can work for you!

The real estate professionals at 207 Prime Properties encourage you to keep your home in showing shape before, during, and after your sale. It’s good for your mental well being! And if you’re looking to buy or list a home, contact one of our expert realtors.

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