As a real estate agent, I sell a lot of homes. After doing it enough times, it’s gotten pretty clear to me: you have to make your home into something special. It’s important to make sure it stands out in the market to attract the interest of potential buyers. If you don’t, there’s no way that most homebuyers will pick it out from the competition.

Assuming that you don’t have some built-in advantage such as a lower price, you may need to get creative with upgrades to your home. Here are some upgrades to consider that will not only improve your living experience but also boost your home’s marketability when it’s time to sell.

Decorative Concrete

Regular old concrete can be dingy and dirty looking, which might be fine for a city street, but many people would like something better to look at when it comes to their driveway and walkways.


Colored concrete can spice up your home’s curb appeal by giving people something else to look at other than boring gray concrete. You might simply do something understated, such as going with a darker or different shade of gray, or you might want to get more distinctive and go with a color that matches your home.

Heated Sidewalks

While sprucing up the look of your concrete is a good idea, making it into a self-cleaning surface is all the better. Having heating elements installed into your concrete to remove snow and ice can make your life easier and provide a big selling point to potential buyers. This is the kind of upgrade that could put your home over the top.

A Home Theater

More and more these days, people are eschewing the crowds and expense of going out to the movie theater and are instead staying home to watch their favorite media content instead. The ubiquity of streaming services and on-demand movies from cable providers means that all but the newest movies are at your fingertips.


What better way to take advantage of this trend than by making a room in your home into a theater? It could have a big-screen TV, stereo equipment, and comfortable furniture. This can be a real selling point, especially with millennials.

A Fitness Room

Just as many people prefer to watch their movies at home, others prefer to do their workouts at home. This may be for convenience or to avoid the germs that permeate a health club. Having a dedicated fitness area in your home is another way to make it stand out to potential buyers.

In a competitive real estate market, it’s important to make your home stand out with unique selling points. These are just a few ideas that will make your home rise to the top of buyers’ lists.

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